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Achieving Excellence

One Student at a TimeOver 40 years of experience has taught us that children love to learn! Our program engages children and encourages them to explore new concepts, using teaching methods designed for young children. Our goal is a happy, well-adjusted child.

Nurturing Young Children

At Every Age, Every Stage The most rapid period of brain development occurs between birth and six years of age. These are critical years for your child. At Landmark Preschool, we nurture the whole child, beginning with helping children learn important social skills, supporting emerging language, developing confidence and curiosity. Our programs and classrooms are tailored for children's developmental needs. They are each carefully designed with your child's needs in mind.


More than Phonics Our literacy program introduces children to more than just the alphabet. Children love literature, starting with stories and flannel boards in our Ones and Twos, and continuing throughout our program. Children learn through play, so we teach games and hands-on activities. We work closely with students, adjusting the level of instruction as needed. Students progress at a rate that allows them to be happy, confident learners.


It All Adds Up to Success Early math concepts like spatial awareness, positional concepts, colors, shapes, patterns, sequence, and graphs are so important for success with later math skills. Under the expert guidance of our teachers, children develop these skills. As children progress through our program, we also introduce numerals, and the concept of one-to-one correspondence. We use games, calendar math, and technology to broaden students' understanding of the uses of numbers.

Science & Technology

A Leader in Educating Young Minds Preschool children are naturally curious. Our science curriculum is integrated with our themes to support learning connections. Children learn why trucks put salt on icy roads, and why fat keeps bears warm when it is cold. Meaningful science experiences engage children in thoughtful learning. Landmark is also a leader in preschool technology. As the first preschool in Connecticut to install the Hatch TeachSmart SMART Boards, our technology program encompasses far more than computers. Students use touch screen technology to bring the world into their classrooms, digital cameras to learn about their world and themselves, computers and iPods...and their universe continues to expand.

Program Offerings


Ones Program

It's Fun To Be One!

You and your child can enjoy developmentally appropriate art projects, music and movement, stories and playground time together in our dynamic and creative Fun for Ones program. (All Campuses)

Twos Program

It's Terrific To Be Two!

Children take their first steps toward independence as they join our stimulating Twos Program without a parent and work with veteran teachers. (All Campuses)

Threes Program

The Threes Thrive At Landmark!

Children entering the Threes program are more independent and ready for increased challenges. We introduce students to the Handwriting without Tears program and begin using manipulatives to teach basic math concepts. World language, technology, literacy, physical education, the arts and science are taught through a monthly theme. (All Campuses)

Fours Program

It's Fabulous To Be Four!

Learning is a playful, social experience in our Fours program (link). Teachers use games and manipulatives to introduce math, phonics and writing skills. Art, music, technology, physical education, science, world language and off-campus field trips further enrich this program. (All Campuses)

Fives Program

It's Fantastic To Be Five!

Our Fives Program offers a Kindergarten level curriculum taught in a small, personalized classroom environment, using a hands-on-approach to learning. At the conclusion of the program, students have completed a full Kindergarten curriculum and can proceed to first grade, although many parents choose to have their child attend our Kindergarten program. (Redding Campus)

Fundamentals Program

We Put The "Fun" in Fundamentals!

The Fundamentals program at Landmark combines the best elements of our Fives and Kindergarten programs to offer a highly personalized learning experience for your child. Low teacher to student ratios allow us to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each student. This enriched and engaging program provides your child with the excitement of new challenges exploring a curriculum that uses stimulating, multi-sensory materials in a supportive hands-on environment. At the same time, children benefit from a small, nurturing classroom that promotes self-confidence, and empowers students to achieve their full potential. Five full days a week from 8:15 – 3:00. (Westport Campus)


Continue the Excellence at Ridgefield Academy

Children age five and older have the opportunity to continue our program on our Ridgefield Academy campus, an independent day school for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8. (All Campuses)

Special Subjects

World Language

Children study a world language and culture through songs, stories, games and activities which relate to the themes they are working on in class. Common vocabulary such as days of the week, colors, numbers and frequently used phrases are also incorporated into the curriculum.

Physical Education

Teamwork and sportsmanship are key concepts for our preschoolers. We cheer for our friends while learning new games, building our stamina, and gaining hand-eye coordination with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate games and activities.

Develops large motor skills and coordination through locomotor exercises (walking, running, hopping) and activities that focus on eye-hand and eye-foot coordination using parachutes, hula-hoops, bean bags, etc.


Using both new and familiar songs, children sing, dance, and play instruments as they are introduced to musical terminology, and learn about concepts such as keeping time. Since part of the joy of acquiring these skills is sharing them with others, there is an age-appropriate performing arts component to our music program as well.


Introduction of computer parts, using a mouse and keyboard for various games, graphics, and specific activities. Utilization of SmartBoards in our classrooms to explore various subject areas and skill sets.