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Fun For Ones Program

Bedford, NY | Ridgefield, CT | Westport, CT

In Landmark's Fun for Ones program, our youngest "students" learn together with a parent or caregiver about themselves and the world around them through exploration, play, music and the arts. Each fun-filled class will center around a different theme including colors, numbers, letters, animals and holidays and the associated activities will give you ideas that you can incorporate at home to help your child grow and develop. This enriching and engaging program, available on our Bedford, Ridgefield, and Westport campuses offers parents and children creative and stimulating play in an environment designed with young children in mind.


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"As a new mother I have experienced that transitional periods are tricky times. It is a main reason that I was so happy to enroll my son Keith in the Ones program. I have seen a tremendous boost in Keith's confidence from when we started the program. He is so happy to be playing with the other children and our teachers. Keith is also getting very familiar with the classroom experience, so that hopefully when I drop him off for the programs in the future he will not have any problems with that transition. Thank you Landmark for thinking of a way to prepare our young scholars for their academic future!"

~ Sarah Shine, Weston


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