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Westport Virtual Experience

Our Westport Campus is conveniently located just minutes from downtown Westport, and the picturesque Saugatuck River. We invite you to watch the video below and explore our engaging learning spaces where imaginations flourish and joyful academic learning takes root.


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Welcome To Our Westport Campus!

Hands-on, personalized approach to teaching differentiated learning experiences.
Engaging classrooms that invite joyful learning and discovery.
A full-sized gymnasium with room to run, jump, and learn cooperative games.
Reading skills and a love of literature develop in our Fours and Fundamentals Library Lofts.
Free play allows children to make choices and develop motor skills while having fun.
The Threes classroom is an inviting, social environment designed to enhance hands-on early academic learning.
Children receive an early introduction to chemistry by helping their teacher to make flubber, a very thick slime.
Early block exploration develops three-dimensional thinking and spatial awareness, sophisticated mathematical skill sets used in later years.
Children engage with innovative technology from digital cameras, to whiteboards, iPads and coding robots as they build STEM skills.
The upper playground is a safe, developmentally appropriate space for older children to swing, climb and slide with friends.
The colors and textures of silk enhance creative movement lessons that help children learn and respond to music.
Manipulatives challenge students to be creative and learn math concepts such as patterning while developing fine motor skills.
Our curriculum includes time for free play and Magna Tiles are a favorite because they fuse STEM learning with creativity.
Outdoor recess on our playground and turf provides a safe place to run, jump, and climb with friends.
In the warmer weather, play continues under a shaded area.
Our media center provides a versatile learning space.
Hatch technology brings the world into the classroom and extends learning.
Self-assuredness grows out of the joy of completing a puzzle.
In-house field trips, like this one from New Pond Farm, enrich the learning experience while introducing students to members of their community.
In-house field trips, like this one from New Pond Farm, enrich the learning experience while introducing students to members of their community.

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Director of Admissions & Financial Aid - Westport
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To Speak with a Director:
Siobhan Powers
Director, Landmark Preschool - Westport
Phone: 203.226.6982
Fax: 203.226.7195