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Parent Resources

Required Forms & Materials

Below you will find materials required for families enrolled at Landmark Preschool - Ridgefield. Please return all completed forms to the main office. It is also highly recommended that you read through all of the additional forms and materials for further important information.

Finally, if you are a new family joining us for the first time, we invite you to browse the New Parent Information Manual for more valuable information. If you have questions, please contact Julie Alzapiedi at or 203.894.1800 x102.

Updating Family Information in the Patriot Portal
Please note, this information must be updated prior to your child attending the first day of school.

To review and/or make changes, you will need to follow a few quick and easy steps:
  • Log in to the Patriot Portal. (Please note: If you can't remember your username or password, you can resolve that here. Tip: Username is always lowercase in the following format: firstname.lastname (i.e. jane.doe)
  • Click on the blue link that reads Update my Household Profile
  • Review contact information, emergency notification information, school directory information, and student medical information.

Important Reminders

Emergency Broadcast Information
For emergency broadcast situations, we use SchoolMessenger. All families are automatically included on this list with home and cell numbers of both parents. Additionally, we also offer texting services to notify you of weather-related delays and other important information. In order to receive text notifications, you must first opt in by texting "Yes" to 67587. More information about this system can be found here. Any additions or deletions to the SchoolMessenger list must me emailed to Marcie Maguire and can be made throughout the year.

Family Directory
In an effort to remain current and accurate, the online portal directory is the only family directory offered. There is no printed directory. As such, we recommend you indicate your family directory preferences when you are reviewing your information in the Patriot Portal.

Approval Required
Because certain information substantively changes a family or student profile, it is possible our system will require approval from the school's end after receiving notification of a proposed change. In these cases, please allow 1-2 business days for the information to be approved and the profile to reflect the modification. As an example, all medical profile changes must be approved by the nurse.

Medical Forms & Materials

If you have questions about the completion of these forms, please contact the nurse's office at

Additional Forms & Materials

Preschool Lunch Program

We are pleased to offer a unique preschool lunch program on our Landmark Preschool - Ridgefield campus. Our preschool meals are prepared on-site, from scratch, with only the highest standards and integrity that we currently put into our Kindergarten through Grade 8 lunch program.

Each day, preschool families will receive an email that contains a link to our online ordering system. This email will arrive in your inbox at approximately 6:00 a.m. each day and originate from The only obligation for our parents will be to place your child’s lunch order daily from the current morning’s email no later than 10:00am. The ordering process should take no more than a minute. Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders after 10:00am.

If you’d rather pack your child’s lunch for that day, simply disregard the email. If you are uninterested in participating in the program altogether, simply "unsubscribe" and you will no longer receive the daily email.

Once orders have been placed, each child will receive an individual lunch box with the items you have ordered delivered to his/her classroom at lunch time.

Preschool lunch service is available Monday - Thursday for the price of $5.75 a day (billed monthly through your Smart Tuition Account). Parents can elect to use this service at their discretion - from every day, to a few times a year. Please note that Fridays will still be Pizza Day for our preschool students.

If you have any questions regarding our preschool lunch program, please direct questions to our Director of Food Services Paul Desiano by email at or by phone at 203.894.1800 x115.

Ridgefield Academy Parents Association

Landmark Preschool and Ridgefield Academy’s Parents Association, RAPA, is an organization consisting of parents from our school community who help support the mission, events and fundraising activities of our school. RAPA extends a welcoming arm to all families on our Ridgefield campus by encouraging participation in a wide range of schoolwide events including our wonderful Fall Family Day, Wish Upon a Star program, community service activities and many other events. RAPA volunteers are an integral part of our school community and generously offer hundreds of volunteer hours to help support the culture and programs of the Landmark and Ridgefield Academy.

One of the main functions of RAPA is to organize and execute fundraising events which provide additional financial support above tuition and charitable gifts. These fundraisers provide necessary revenue for the school and allow each family to support the school. Participation is completely optional, and all proceeds support our programs.

The organizational structure of RAPA consists of a RAPA President and a Vice President for each of the schools four divisions (Landmark Preschool, and Ridgefield Academy's Lower School, Middle School and Upper School), a Secretary and Treasurer. All RAPA Board members work closely with the Head of School, Division Heads and other key administrators to bring issues to the attention of the school and learn about changes in policy, upcoming events and other issues that may impact the educational experience for our students. Additionally, RAPA has numerous event chairs and classroom representatives.

Selection of a new RAPA president takes place in the spring of each year. We invite anyone interested in joining RAPA at any level to get involved. Working with others can be enormously gratifying as well as you can learn more about Landmark Preschool and Ridgefield Academy as a whole.