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Bedford Virtual Experience

Conveniently located on the Village Green inside the historic Presbyterian Church in Bedford, NY, Landmark Preschool - Bedford is the premier early learning program for children ages 1 to 4 years old living in Westchester County.






Welcome To Our Bedford Campus!

Bedford - 1
We are located in the historic Bedford Presbyterian Church on the Village Green.
Bedford - 2
Role playing encourages empathy and communications skills as imaginations flourish.
Bedford - 3
Children are exposed to colors, shapes, letters, and numbers in our stimulating Twos classrooms.
Bedford - 4
Magna-Tiles encourage young minds by fusing together math, science, engineering, and creativity.
Bedford - 5
Joyful students explore the world around them in a safe, age-appropriate environment.
Bedford - 6

Large, open, indoor playspace.

Bedford - 7
Our colorful Twos classroom includes areas for imaginative play and exploration.
Bedford - 8
The joy of grasping early literacy skills sets the foundation for reading and writing.
Bedford - 9
Students are welcomed each morning at the entrance to our education wing.
Bedford - 10
Sensory play supports cognitive development, motor skills, and the ability to complete complex learning tasks.
Bedford - 10
The Threes Classroom is a playful, social environment.
Bedford - 11
Children in the Twos develop social and motor skills on their own outdoor play space.
Bedford - 12
Children are encouraged to expand the boundaries of their capabilities.
Bedford - 13
Our bright and stimulating Fours Classroom is designed to engage all of your child’s senses.
Bedford - 14
The Threes Classroom provides engaging spaces designed to support early academic skills.
Bedford - 15
Skilled, nurturing teachers accompany students on their personal learning journeys.
Bedford - 16
Learning centers allow children to make choices and take on new challenges.
Bedford - 17
Our Fours Classroom invites joyful learning and discovery.
Bedford - 18
Engaging learning tools develop fine motor and academic skills.
Bedford - 19
Students explore their own authentic identities as they become confident learners.
Bedford - 20
Students explore subject areas and skill sets using interactive whiteboards that bring the world into the classroom.

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Evelyn Tangney
Phone: 914.234.2300