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Parent Resources

On The Bedford Campus

For students who have completed the enrollment process and will be joining us in the fall, or for those students returning once again, all of the required registration forms, as well as important additional materials, can be found here.

Health Forms

Below you will find the required Health Assessments/Immunization Record for the 2020-2021 school year. For information on immunization requirements, please refer to the Immunization Requirements Guide. Please note: Influenza immunizations are required for all preschoolers.
Additionally, we are able, with parental permission, to administer over the counter topical medications that do not contain antibiotics such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and poison ivy lotions. If you would like us to administer these medications, please complete the Topical (OTC) Medication Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your child has an allergy requiring an Epi-pen or other medication, please refer to the additional information in the drop down menu entitled Students With Allergies on this page.
Health forms can be emailed to Sarah McKimmie or mailed to:
Landmark Preschool
P.O. Box 477
Bedford, NY 10506 

If you have questions, please contact the main office at 914.234.2300.

Additional Medical Information

Patriot (Parent) Portal

This year, we have launched the Patriot Portal which is a password protected hub used by enrolled families to update household information, view progress reports, and schedule parent-teacher conferences. The Patriot Portal is our official contact record, so we rely on our parents to give us complete, accurate, and updated information. It is imperative that the school has accurate contact information for all parents for safety, communication, and other reasons. Please update your information in the Patriot Portal as often as necessary.

Visit the patriot portal

Additional Information & Forms