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Are you ready to learn more about Landmark Preschool? Simply complete the online request for information and a member of our Admission Team will be happy to contact you. We look forward to speaking with you soon!
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Kimberly Swabsin
Director of Administration & Admissions, Landmark Preschool - Bedford
Phone: 914.234.2300

Welcome To Our Bedford, New York Campus!

New York's Premier Preschool

Located on the Village Green, in the education wing of the historic Bedford Presbyterian Church, Landmark Preschool - Bedford (NY) is solely focused on early learning programs for children ages 1 to 4 years old. With over 40 years of experience in preschool and early childhood education, Landmark has developed a curriculum that seeks to engage, empower, and educate preschoolers.

Landmark Preschool's age appropriate curriculum weaves literacy activities, math concepts, handwriting skill-building, and process art into each day. We also offer special subjects such as Spanish, music, movement, science, and technology weekly. Recess and outdoor activities are an equally important aspect of our day as your child grows and explores the outside world.

Drawing from extensive experience on our Connecticut campuses in Redding, Ridgefield, and Westport, we look forward to continuing our reputation of academic excellence on our fourth, and newest, campus in New York.

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Landmark Preschool - Bedford offers a balanced, three hour preschool program for 2, 3, and 4 year-old students. Our program inspires children of all levels by enhancing their social-emotional, intellectual, and physical development through a variety of activities and experiences. Our highly trained, nurturing educators understand how children develop and learn, and offer one-on-one instruction to help each child grow at an appropriate pace. Children learn handwriting, pre-reading, and math readiness skills as well as how to be a good friend.

Ones Program

Choose The Ones Program That's Right For You!

Landmark Preschool - Bedford offers two program options for our youngest learners. Our Fun for Ones program offers age-appropriate activities once a week for you and your little one aged 12 -24 months (by December 1).

Our Stay and Play for Ones program offers a drop-off option twice a week for children who will be 18 months old and are walking by their first day of school.

Fun For Ones Program

In our Fun for Ones program, our youngest "students" learn together with a parent or caregiver about themselves and the world around them through exploration, play, music and the arts. Each fun-filled class will center around a different theme, and the associated activities will give you ideas that you can incorporate at home to help your child grow and develop. A caregiver or parent must attend each class with the child. The Landmark - Bedford campus will offer three, eight-week sessions of Fun for Ones. Classes will meet on Wednesday from 9:30am until 10:30am. Landmark - Bedford Fun for Ones program is best suited for children aged 12 months through 24 months by December 1.

For more information, or to receive a registration form, please contact Kimberly Swabsin by phone at 914.234.2300, or by email.

Fall 2019
September 18, 25
October 2, 16, 23, 30
November 6, 13
Winter 2020
January 15, 22, 29
February 5, 12, 19, 26
March 4
Spring 2020
April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
May 6, 13, 20

Register for all three sessions by September 12 and save $25!

Twos Program

Twos Program

It's Terrific To Be Two! 9:00am - 11:45am
Two, Three, Four, and Five-Day Schedules
Must Be Two By December 1

Our Twos program focuses on the social development of the child. Learning to separate from parents, be a part of a group, take turns, share with friends, and use the classroom materials appropriately are important skills for two-year-olds to master. Our teachers facilitate social interactions between the children, and help them learn to join in classroom activities. Daily activities are designed to help children develop appropriate use of language to communicate with teachers and peers, as well as to develop fine and gross motor skills. Children are exposed to colors, shapes, letters and numbers through play, art, stories, and songs. Helping children develop self-confidence and a sense of autonomy through mastery of toilet training and other self-care skills is also an important part of our program.

Our classrooms are large, bright and divided into activity areas so our children can learn and grow. Landmark - Bedford offers a low 1:4 teacher to student ratio so that teachers may better supervise and help children to explore.

Discovery Time
Discovery time allows children to explore the classroom materials at their own pace, and is important in helping your child make a good transition from home to school. Activities include Play-Doh, drawing, puzzles, manipulative materials, a dramatic play area, a sensory table, cars and trucks, and building blocks.

Circle Time
The class comes together each day to participate in songs, finger plays, letter sounds, special bag and games. Creative movement activities, such as dance, marching band, and parachute play, promote coordination and listening skills are also part of our day.

Sharing stories through books or flannel board is a favorite activity for twos. We know that in addition to being fun, these stories are a great way to teach important skills. Children increase their understanding of language through stories, as well as their ability to comprehend. Important concepts such as patterns, rhymes,and sequencing can be introduced through stories too.

Art provides sensory exploration as children experience the feel, sight and scent of paint, finger paint, glue, modeling dough etc. Your child will enjoy the process of creation using a variety of materials. Projects may be open-ended, or may relate to our themes. Children enjoy these creative activities, which often involve paint, glue, etc.

Children enjoy outdoor time on our playground each day, weather permitting, building and developing large gross motor skills and coordination. On inclement weather days, we may use parachute play and other games to entertain our children while indoors.

Interactive whiteboards in each classroom allow the group to explore various subject areas and skill sets while bringing the world in to the classroom.

Threes Program

Threes Program

The Threes Thrive At Landmark! 9:00am - 12:00pm
Three, Four, and Five-Day Schedules
Must Be Three By December 1

With its warm, inviting, social classroom environment, our Threes program uses stories, music, and art, as well as gym and Spanish to provide a rich preschool experience for your little one. Our 6:1 student to teacher ratio allows each student the benefit of individualized attention.

Character Development
Emphasis on respect, cooperation, sharing, patience, and being a good friend. Children work on being able to demonstrate the ability to function as an individual and as a member of a group.

Monthly Themes
Themes may include "all about me and my family," colors and shapes, farm life, holidays, transportation and community helpers, zoo, ocean, nature and planting, and summer fun.

Special letter and sound of the week, vowel friends, phonemic awareness, phonics games and activities and theme related stories.

Introducing math manipulatives using games and activities, one to one correspondence, concepts (up/down, in/out), number recognition from 1 - 10, counting, and shapes.

A developmentally appropriate program that encompasses tactile wooden pieces, chalkboard and dough, as well as tracing activities to support fine motor skills.

Includes projects that are self-expressive and process oriented, including easel painting and collages, as well as teacher directed projects utilizing many mediums and resources.

Incorporates the use of both new and familiar songs with movement, finger play and instruments as children develop their sense of rhythm.

Interactive whiteboards in each classroom allow the group to explore various subject areas and skill sets while bringing the world in to the classroom.

Fours Program

Fours Program

It's Fabulous To Be Four! 9:00am - 12:00pm
Four and Five-Day Schedules
Must Be Four By December 1

In our Fours program, learning is a playful, social experience with teachers using games and manipulatives to introduce math, phonics and writing skills. Art, music, technology, gym, Spanish and field trips further enrich this program, and our 7:1 student to teacher ratio allows for individualized attention and differentiated learning.

Character Development
Emphasis on respect, cooperation, sharing, patience, and being a good friend. Learning to accept responsibility for one's actions and demonstrating the ability to function as an individual and as a member of a group are goals of this program.

Monthly Themes
Themes may include: "all about me," bears and hibernation, nutrition, holidays around the world, solar system, dinosaurs, five senses, rain forest, bugs and insects and summer safety.

Includes special letter and sound of the week, recognizing upper and lower case letters and "vowel friends". These skills are further enhanced through our new "Fundations" Literacy program which extends letter learning through fun-filled activities. Progression can include consonant-vowel blends, three letter words, short vowel books, long vowel books and digraphs, reinforced through phonics games and activities and stories.

Skills are developed using math manipulatives, one to one correspondence, counting, graphing, patterning, and sorting. Children recognize and solve problems through active exploration.

SmartBoards in each classroom allow the group to explore various subject areas and skill sets while bringing the world in to the classroom. iPads are incorporated to reinforce math, phonics and handwriting concepts. Guided by a specialist, students utilize iMac computers to practice using a mouse and keyboard through educational games, graphics, and specific activities.

A developmentally appropriate Get Set for School® program that encompasses tactile wooden pieces, chalkboards and dough, as well as tracing activities to support fine motor skills. Journals are used to help foster an interest in writing and inventive spelling.

Includes projects that are self-expressive and process oriented, including easel painting and collages, as well as teacher directed projects utilizing many mediums and resources.

Incorporates the use of both new and familiar songs, tunes, echo songs, the use of rhythm instruments (drums, bells, triangles, wooden blocks, etc.) and movement.

Opportunities to wonder, ask questions, and seek answers about the natural world through observations, experimentation, use of equipment, recording and collecting data.

A weekly lesson in Spanish introduces the language on a PreK level. This opens the young mind to learning a language at an early age through stimulating and fun lessons.

Admissions Process

Congratulations on selecting Landmark Preschool for your child! We hope that this checklist will guide you through our admissions procedure. We encourage families to begin this process in the Fall for the following school year.

Schedule a tour of our school by contacting Kimberly Swabsin, Director, at 914.234.2300 or

We recommend that you complete an Application in the Fall of the year prior to the school year that you would like to enter. You can complete and submit your application with the $50.00 Application Fee online here. Parents of children applying to our Fours program will be contacted to schedule a brief visit to Landmark. These children will meet with an administrator or a member of our teaching staff to assess their readiness for our program. Assessments take approximately twenty minutes and must be completed before acceptance in to the program.

Notification for Returning Families - sibling applicants, applicants of former families and applicants from our Fun for Ones program - is made during the month of December. Notification for New Families begins in January. Notification and/or an Enrollment Agreement will only be sent to applicants that have completed the application process (including the assessment for 4 year olds).

Enrollment Agreement
The deadline for Current Families to return their Enrollment Agreement and $1,500 deposit is in early January. The deadline for New Families to return the Enrollment Agreement and $1,500 deposit is at the end of January.

Landmark Preschool uses a first-come, first-served policy when placing students in classes; therefore, timely return of the Enrollment Agreement and deposit increase your chances of securing placement and/or the schedule of your choice. If the program or schedule is not available, the admissions office will contact you to discuss options and availabilities.

Class Assignments
Classroom assignments are sent to families in August. In keeping with past practice, we are unable to accept placement requests. As there are many factors that determine class make up, we ask that you rely on our teachers’ and administrators’ expertise to create the best learning environment for your child.

After School Enrichment Clubs & Seasonal Programs

The Fun & Learning Continue!

Scheduled breaks in the academic calendar present an opportunity for students at Landmark Preschool to enjoy days filled with friends, fun and leisure time. Students look forward to enjoying time with friends while parents value the security in knowing that children are in a safe, nurturing environment while enjoying a break from academics.

Landmark’s seasonal programs provide themed days of events and activities designed to meet the needs of busy parents and active children. Parents may sign up for the entire break, or choose specific days around the demands of schedules. A weekly schedule is provided in advance for ease of selection. Age-appropriate activities include cooking, arts and crafts, sports and more. Registration information, rates and a calendar will be made available for downloading as scheduled breaks draw near. Inquiries and questions should be directed to the main office.

After School Enrichment Clubs

While Landmark Bedford's daily program runs from 9am until 12pm, our students have the opportunity to take part in after-school Enrichment Clubs which can extend their day through lunch and offer a variety of art, science, music or STEAM activities in a fun and exciting environment. For more information, or to register, please inquire in the main office.

Summer Programs

Summer Fun at Landmark - Bedford

Our Summer Program is staffed by veteran teachers, offering a low camper to staff ratio and flexible scheduling. Summers at Landmark include sensory activities, water play, arts & crafts, movement, and tons of summer time fun! Make your child's summer a memorable one - make it a Landmark Summer!
Learn More!

Parent Resources

Looking for the school calendar? Are you a new parent who's completed the enrollment process and will be joining us in the fall? Or, a current student returning in the fall?

You'll find all of the required registration forms, as well as important additional materials here.

Parent Resources