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Parent Testimonials

"We are so happy with our decision to send our daughter to Landmark Preschool. Very few times in life does something exceed your expectations, but Landmark has definitely exceeded ours! Not only are the teachers so welcoming and friendly to our daughter upon arrival, but they always have a funny anecdote about something she did that day, letting us know they a really enjoy having her in class and are taking the time to get to know her. We cannot believe the work she is coming home with not to mention the various activities she is exposed to over the course of the day. We are so pleased to know that our daughter will be more than prepared for the expectations made of her in Kindergarten, due to the wonderful efforts and enthusiasm of the teachers and staff at Landmark."

~ Bob and Kristen Caruso, Wilton

"We looked at a few preschools in the area prior to seeing Landmark. We truly did not have a firm opinion as to which would be best for our son. We scheduled a meeting with Landmark and knew within minutes that this would be the best overall experience. The curriculum for each age group, the ratio of teachers to students, the size of the classrooms, the experience of the teachers, the playgrounds organized by age, etc. all a parents dream come true. The teachers are incredibly kind, attentive and caring. Our son attended the Two's program, he could not have been happier. The daily feedback from him made our day. He had such a great time that we continued on with Camp Landmark in the summer. We look forward to an amazing year in the Three's program and are thrilled about the new after school extra-curricular activities."

~ Suzanne and Dan Hagmann, Wilton

"As a new mother I have experienced that transitional periods are tricky times. It is a main reason that I was so happy to enroll my son Keith in the ones program. I have seen a tremendous boost in Keith's confidence from when we started the program. He is so happy to be playing with the other children and our teachers. Keith is also getting very familiar with the classroom experience, so that hopefully when I drop him off for the programs in the future he will not have any problems with that transition. Thank you Landmark for thinking of a way to prepare our young scholars for their academic future!" Sarah Shine, Weston

"We have been very pleased with our son's experience at Landmark. He has been exposed to so many different learning experiences-- whether academic, athletic or social. We were also extremely impressed by his teachers. You can tell right away they genuinely care about your child in addition to being wonderfully experienced and competent. They communicate very effectively through regular updates and one-on-one conversations, allowing parents to know what's going on with their child. We appreciate all that Landmark has done to help our son in his development." Deborah Chung, Redding

"I am in love with Landmark, pure and simple. I have 3 daughters; my oldest of which is currently in Kindergarten. She loves reading, is speaking Spanish, is incredible at math, and most of all loves her friends and loves learning. I am a true Landmark Mom!" Stephanie Levesque, Westport