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Dreamers Become Thinkers

From early childhood to adolescence, our students are seen and known as individuals within our kind and nurturing community. Along their journey of inspired learning and self-discovery, they have many partners, faculty, staff, parents and classmates, who guide, challenge, and share in the joy of learning. Our interconnected curriculum is brought to life by our engaging teachers and fosters our students’ natural curiosity and openness to the world. It is here, at this brilliant intersection that discoveries are made, that a strong academic foundation is built, that children become confident and their authentic selves unfold.

This is the educational essence along the continuum of learning from Landmark Preschool to Ridgefield Academy. It is what makes us different.



There are three undeniable truths about our educational programs:

They are designed with Intentional Connectedness.
We value Joyful Learning.
We graduate students who are Authentically Self-Assured individuals.


Intentional Connectedness

Between disciplines, students and teachers, Landmark Preschool and community
Intentional educational connectedness serves as the foundation of our caring community and collaborative, cross-curricular program. Our students' horizons are broadened by engagement with the wider community during field trips, which are an integral part of our educational program. This intentional interconnectedness provides for both a strong and supportive community and an educational program defined by a thoughtful and challenging progression from Landmark Preschool to Ridgefield Academy.

Joyful Learning

At every developmental level along the continuum from Landmark Preschool to Ridgefield Academy, childhood is celebrated, and every child's natural inclination toward curiosity and the spirit of joyful discovery is nurtured. A comprehensive foundation of learning is built from one year to the next as students travel through Landmark to RA. At the center of this is a challenging, lifeworthy academic program that not only develops the essential early literacy, math, science and handwriting skills but that encourages independence and nurtures the social and developmental skills needed for the next stage.

Authentically Self-Assured Individuals

Our students are encouraged to form their own, authentic identities as they become confident leaders, creative problem-solvers, and public speakers. They are prepared to succeed in secondary school and beyond. Our alumni are already having an impact in their chosen fields. Along this journey, students grow in self-advocacy, self-confidence, and academic achievement.

Our dreamers ultimately become accomplished thinkers, leaders, change makers, scientists, artists, and so much more.