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About Us

Three Campuses, One Community

Bedford, NY | Ridgefield, CT | Westport, CT

Landmark Preschool is an independent day school serving children ages 1 – 5. Affiliated with Ridgefield Academy, Landmark has three campuses located in Bedford, NY (on the Village Green), Ridgefield, and Westport.

Landmark Preschool grew out of a belief that children benefit from a joyful introduction of learning. Our program embraces the whole child as we engage in purposeful learning experiences to support social, emotional, cognitive, and physiological development.

We offer the kind of structure that gives children a sense of safety and security as they explore their world, with the flexibility that both encourages and empowers them to stretch themselves and develop as individuals.

Our teachers are experts in early childhood education and development. We recognize that each child is unique. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows our teachers to really get to know your child. The warm, personal connections help our teachers find the optimum way to support your child in all aspects of development during those all-important first five years.

Landmark Preschool is accredited by Connecticut Association of Independent Schools.
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David Suter
203.894.1800 x112
Teacher Testimonial 7
“My favorite days at school - and there are many of them - are those when I am walking through the hallways, and I can feel the joy of learning pouring out of classrooms.”
~ Clinton Howarth, Head of Middle and Upper School
Teacher Testimonial 6
“I truly love to bring music, stories, history, its people, traditions, and so much more to the classroom! I love finding ways inside and outside of the classroom to connect with my students in order to build meaningful and engaging relationships.”
~ Jessica Brooks, Middle and Upper School Spanish teacher & Service Learning Coordinator
Teacher Testimonial 5
“RA/LP has given me the opportunity to do what I love every day for the past 25 years, and I look forward to many years to come!”
~ Kristeen Chickering, Landmark 4s
Landmark Teacher Testimonial 4
"Working at Landmark for over 25 years has truly been the most fulfilling job ever. Each day brings new and rewarding experiences. It’s gratifying to watch the smiles on each child’s face as they explore, discover and learn new things. The dedicated staff, nurturing environment and rich curriculum are just a few of the components that make Landmark a truly remarkable preschool. Working in a small class size has given me the opportunity to get to know each child on a personal level. I have had the privilege of developing life-long friendships with many Landmark families. I have not only been able to witness the excellence of Landmark from a teacher's point of view, but from a parent's as well. My children attended Landmark and still reminisce about their fun days there. Landmark has not only given them a strong academic foundation, but has more importantly instilled a love for learning. I am honored to teach at such a special place and be part of a team that is truly dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children. I am especially proud of our Fundamentals program. This program integrates the Kindergarten and Fives curriculum in a personalized, child-friendly approach."
~ Donna Parrillo, Fundamentals Head Teacher
Landmark Teacher Testimonial 3
"It is a pleasure to work at a school that is filled with enthusiastic students, supportive parents and passionate teachers. I love our curriculum; it's stimulating and exciting and our students are captivated by our monthly themes."
~ Megan Maloney, Fours Head Teacher
Landmark Teacher Testimonial 2
"Being part of the Landmark community for the past twelve years has been life changing. I have had the privilege of teaching entire families in the fours program. The relationships I share with parents, faculty and administration are built on the mutual goal of providing top notch, cutting edge and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for our preschoolers. No other profession could provide me with as many opportunities to explore my creative and nurturing side in such a fun and challenging way. The children keep me young and the ultimate reward is seeing their proud little faces every June. I love my school and feel honored to be part of a great team."
~ Meg D'Onofrio, Fours Head Teacher
Landmark Teacher Testimonial 1
"When I meet new people and they find out I teach preschool, a common question often follows. “Is the preschool where you teach, play based or academic based?” This question continues to remind me why I love teaching at Landmark. Isn’t learning new concepts supposed to be fun? At Landmark, the answer to this question is always yes. Through play and games, students at Landmark Academy learn to become independent, enthusiastic, and creative lifelong learners. When children sing and dance and act out stories, they are learning literacy. When they sort and stack blocks, they are learning mathematical concepts. When they are interacting with one another in the kitchen area or dramatic play center, they are learning social skills. While investigating and exploring in the sensory tables, they are learning science. At Landmark Academy our students are learning while playing and having fun. Our students do all this with the guidance of a well-educated and nurturing staff. I love that all of the teachers at Landmark know the names of most of the students in the school and not only the ones in their class. I love that they show support and concern for every student and not only the ones they are teaching. Working at Landmark feels like being a part of a large family. Everyone, from the staff and the parents, are supportive of one another. We take the time to know our families and their independent needs and concerns. The atmosphere at Landmark is always fun and relaxed. The camaraderie amongst my peers and the love and support of my children’s parents, makes it a great environment to work in. We have great support not only from our fellow teachers and parents but from everyone in the school."
~ Phyllis Petridis, Head Threes Teacher