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Fun for Ones Proves Popular on Ridgefield Campus
When Landmark Preschool (Ridgefield campus) launched its Fun for Ones Program in early April, no one could have guessed how popular it would be. “We have on average ten children in each session every Wednesday morning,” says Tara Simeonidis, “Word seems to be getting around that this is an excellent program for this age. Everyone is having a lot of fun in our brand new space.”

“We start the morning off on our preschool playground, letting the kids play and interact; it’s an informal way to start our time together and everyone feels very comfortable, “ says head teacher Vicky Hodson, who has taught preschool for well over a decade. In the classroom, children and their caregivers enjoy story time and many choices of activities based on a theme. Last week it was nature, next week it might be weather or the sea. Caregivers range from mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and babysitters. “Everyone is friendly, the atmosphere is very calm, it’s a great place for a one-year-old to explore and play with other kids,” offered one babysitter.

A mother at the playdough table had this to say: “This is the perfect program for introducing my daughter to the idea of school in a fun and stimulating way. This way, when she enters preschool, she will be familiar with the classroom setting and be excited. The facilities at this Ridgefield Academy campus are amazing, perfect for an energetic toddler!”

Landmark Preschool/Ridgefield campus completed an extensive preschool renovation in 2012 to include a full-sized teaching kitchen, a multi-purpose/amphitheatre space and outdoor access from every classroom to the age-appropriate playground.

The Landmark Preschool Fun for Ones Program runs one morning per week for 75 minutes. If you would like more information, please contact interim Admissions Director Julie Crane at jcrane@ridgefieldacademy.org or call 894-1800 ext. 112.


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