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Landmark Partners with New Pond Farm
Landmark Preschool is proud to be part of New Pond Farm's "Sponsor an Animal" program. "We are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring some of the meals for Bert," explained Landmark Preschool Director, Ann Hirsch. "Bert (Roberta, actually) is an African Spurred Tortoise and apparently she is a voracious eater," she adds. “One of Bert's favorite things to eat is romaine lettuce and we’ve invited our students to donate romaine to help keep Bert's tummy full.”

According to New Pond Farm, when Bert first arrived at the farm in the fall of 2006, she was a 4" tortoise weighing just a few ounces. New Pond Farm soon learned that she was not just any tortoise, she was an African Spurred Tortoise- a member of the sulcata family. This species of tortoise, which inhabits the southern edge of the Sahara desert, in northern Africa, are the largest mainland tortoise in the world! Bert has been part of the farm family for six years and now weighs in at over 30 pounds, And yes, with each passing year, her appetite will indeed increase.

Landmark Preschool is happy to help New Pond Farm keep Bert supplied with romaine for years to come.

You can learn more about New Pond Farm and Bert by visiting their website.


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